Featured Vid #414 – Casey Neistat: What You Don’t See

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On the Internet, YouTuber Casey Neistat is often referred to as the “King Of Daily Vlogging”. He is, by far, my favorite vlogger on the platform and definitely in the running for my favorite YouTuber of any category. I’ve featured his eponymous YouTube channel on twice on this website, both time attempting to describe exactly what makes his videos so entertaining, captivating, addicting, and simply so fun to watch.

In the video above, Evan Pushak of The Nerdwriter talks all about Casey’s unique style, what goes into making his videos, and why he is just so good at what he does. Evan does a great job in analyzing all the aspects of Casey’s videos, from his usage of camera equipment to how he goes the extra mile to make his videos feel more authentic. If this video can’t convince you to check out Casey’s work, perhaps watch a few of his recent vlogs, nothing will.

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