Featured Vid #466 – Why Bruno Mars’ ’24K Magic’ Makes You Dance

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In November of last year, Bruno Mars released a song as part of his new album called “24K Magic”. Whether or not you like the song, there’s no doubt it has been incredibly popular since it’s release, played on radio stations and most likely in parties across the world. The song has a distinctly¬†funky vibe, one that permeates Bruno Mars’ recent songs and has a knack for making people get up and dance.

This isn’t on accident; the fascinating video above, made by Nerdwriter1, analyzes the song and explains just why Mars has been able to recreate the funkiness and danceability in his music from legends throughout music history. Going all the way back to famous artists like James Brown and lesser known artists like Roger Troutman, the Nerdwriter uses the history of music as a way to illustrate the songs’ success, from the funk drum beat to the use of the voice box in the start of the song.


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