Best Of TED #2 – Apollo Robbins’ Art Of Misdirection

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Pickpocketing is often thought of as something only thiefs do, but as Apollo Robbins shows us in today’s featured TED talk, it can also be a science. Robbins is a world renowned pickpocket, and is often called the Gentleman Thief, as he always gives what he steals off you (without you having a clue) back. And Apollo can steal more than a wallet or some cash sticking out of your pocket. He can get you watch, your phone, you keys, and whatever else you have.

And although you may be thinking, “Pfft, I could do better than that guy on stage.”, you’re probably wrong. Apollo Robbins has been doing this all his life, and has stolen from many famous people such as Ryan Seacrest, Matt Lauer and more. It’s more than just being quiet, and having quick fingers; Apollo makes it very clear that he is going to steal something from you, and then does it right in front of your nose. It’s a game of attention, and one that he has gotten very good at.

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