Best Of TED #5 – How I Held My Breath For 17 Minutes

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One of greatest magicians in the world, David Blaine, has done many incredible things. He’s been buried alive, and he’s stood on a skinny pillar for 35 hours, and he’s been able to stick an icepick through his skin, without it bleeding, in front of many celebrities. There pretty much isn’t a magic related thing out there that David Blaine hasn’t already done. And one of his more impressive feats was when he held his breath for 17 minutes, breaking the world record.

In this talk, he tells the story of how he did that. How he trained, his couple failed attempts, and finally, his success in breaking the record. Although his record has been broken many times now, and currently is at 23:01 minutes by Goran Čolak, it is still an amazing story, told by one of the great magicians and stuntman of all time.

Check out his TV series, Real Or Magic, in which he does some pretty intense magic (as well as some more lighthearted tricks) It’s probably on Youtube somewhere.

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