Channel Showcase: The Slow Mo Guys

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Time is something that we are so used to perceiving at our normal speed, so when we see something in slow motion, or even fast motion, we are astounded. More than fast motion, slow motion (or slow mo) videos are very cool and eye-opening, as we get to see amazing things that we would never otherwise get to see since they happen too fast. Even everyday things can be fun to watch in slow mo, and these types of slow motion videos and photos have always been popular on the Internet. Many of these popular slow motion videos are from the great Youtube channel The Slow Mo Guys. The channel based on the fact that slow motion video are cool to watch, which they are, and nobody does slow motion videos better than Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys.


With over 5.4 million subscribers and 572 million views, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, most commonly known as Gav and Dan, really know what they’re doing in terms of slow motion videos. They have the equipment, including a handful of high-speed cameras that can shoot at ridiculously high frame rates. Using these cameras, they have filmed a lot of videos over the years, documenting what certain objects or activities look like when filmed 1000x slower than their normal speed. A great example of a classic Slow Mo Guys video is their video titled Giant 6ft Water Balloon, in which, as the name suggests, Gav and Dan pop a giant 6ft water balloon.

Since its creation in 2011, the video has amassed an insane 94 million views, and deservedly so. Although water-ballon-popping videos and photos are pretty much ubiquitous on the Internet, in my opinion The Slow Mo Guys did it the best. First off, they took a hilariously large 6ft water balloon, and then not only the popping of the balloon but the process that they had to go through to pop the balloon is also funny, entertaining, and amazing. This video is truly one for the history books.


Another great video by The Slow Mo Guys is their video called Popping Popcorn in super Slow Motion, another self-explanatory video where this time Gav and Dan set their cameras on popcorn popping. It’s very cool to see the popcorn emerge in a split second from the tiny kernel, and it’s a great example of an everyday happening that looks so cool in slow mo. You can watch it HERE.

The final type of video that Gav and Dan have done repeatedly in the past are videos the focus on liquids or things underwater in slow motion. As water itself is so cool in slow motion, it only makes sense that videos involving water but designed to look nice in slow motion will turn out amazing. These videos range from their video about shooting a bullet underwater to a video where they squirted ink into water and saw what shapes it made. All of them are entertaining and frankly pretty stunning to watch.

Overall, The Slow Mo Guys is a fun channel. Every video they make surprises you in one way or another; slow motion is just something that everyone finds really cool. And when you have the equipment, the expertise, and the knowledge of what looks good in slow motion, it’s hard to go wrong.


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