Channel Showcase: Vsauce2

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Vsauce2 is the second channel in the legendary Vsauce Trio, the three channels dedicated to making interesting videos about science and technology, the other two channels in the trio being Vsauce (run by Michael Stevens) and Vsauce3 (run by Jake Roper). Kevin Leiber is the creator behind Vsauce2, and he does a fantastic job of running and hosting the channel. Whereas Vsauce focuses on longer videos about science, mathematics, philosophy, and general interest topics, and Vsauce3 focuses on shorter videos about science and gaming, Vsauce2 covers the technology part of the Vsauce network, as well as occasionally making science-related videos as well.


While technology is Kevin’s main focus, the channel has a variety of series and videos that delve into many smaller topics under the umbrella of science, along with many videos that show you a bunch of examples of amazing technologies and projects in action. Vsauce2 is most famous series in this format, where he shows the viewer a bunch of hand-picked projects, technologies, and really anything that would, well, blow your mind. That’s the premise behind his most popular series, Mind Blow, of which he has posted 105 episodes of. In every episode, he talks about many different groundbreaking technologies and projects, every one of them very interesting in their own right. His videos are like a barrage of interesting things, all of them worthy of their own video, and after watching I often research a technology or product more because I’m so blown away.

The video above is an example of a Mind Blow episode from a couple weeks ago. It features teslaphoresis (you’ll have to watch it to find out what that even means), scientists that have been able to re-train a partially paralyzed man’s hand to function again through a chip implanted in his brain, an ultrathin flexible skin display, and much more. It’s a great example of Mind Blow’s great videos, and well as the, well, mind-blowing technologies and projects that Kevin features; they’re often so amazing I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it before I watched his video.

And that’s not even the extent of Vsauce2’s great videos. He makes longer video essays on a variety of topics, a series specifically about future technologies called Though Glass, a series about more artistic projects called BiDiPi, etc. All of his videos are little packets of interesting technology and science, waiting for you to open and watch. If you’re at all interested in technology and science, Vsauce2 is a channel you’ll love.

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