Featured Vid #352 – Animator Vs Animation III

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Earlier this year, I featured Animation vs. Animator IV, a spectacularly good animated short film about a stick figure, drawn by the animator Alan Becker (who created the video in the first place), that comes to life. As you can imagine, this creates plenty of chaos, but in the end it is resolved in a surprisingly heartwarming ending. Today’s featured video is the prequel to that short film, Animation vs. Animator III.

Animation vs. Animator III is an epic saga of a short film, documenting the animator’s attempt at subduing a rogue stick figure, named “The Chosen One” by employing another stick figure, named “The Dark Lord”, aka “The Chosen One’s Enemy”. The best part about the Animator vs. Animation series is the stunning and hilarious integration of normal computer operating systems into the video, the characters using the computer as their playground, each item interactive in it’s own way. Altogether a great video, Animation vs. Animator III will make you forever think differently about your computer and especially stick figures.

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