Featured Vid #368 – Who Are You?

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It’s a question plaguing philosophers for centuries: who are you? In some form or another, this question has managed to evade even the smartest among us. While at a scientific level, we understand what exactly we are, once we enter the realm of philosophy the idea of what is you and the extent of your identity falls apart. It may seem simple; I am a human being, who’s name is (insert name) who’s parents are (insert parent) and (insert parent), and who was born on (insert date), etc. But philosophy has a way of making all that much more complex, and the video above shows just the complexity in just saying who you are.

Made by Kurzgesagt, the video above talks about many quandaries when talking about the philosophical idea of “you”. Made in conjunction with CGP Grey’s recent video You Are Two, the video is very interesting, potentially making you think a little harder when you say “I did this” or “This is mine”.

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