Channel Showcase: Every Frame A Painting

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I’ve featured many channels that make videos that can be classified as “video essays”, and despite some similarities between the channels, they tend to produce some of my favorite videos. These channels include The Nerdwriter, Delve, kaptainkristain, and more. Today’s channel showcase can also be labeled as making video essays, although I would go as far as to say their videos have more in common with documentaries than video essays. Video essays usually don’t cover the topic wholly, just give their opinion or spiel in an interesting and explanatory way. But documentaries are longer, cover more material, and usually consist of a voiceover, interviews, and relevant video on the topic (rather than animation and graphics). Every Frame A Painting matches that description completely, a channel that creates very interesting mini-documentaries on the subject of film.


Specifically, analyzing film. Every Frame A Painting’s videos usually focus on one movie, director, or actor, and then talks about a certain aspect of their work. Tony Zhou, the creator behind the channel, does a fantastic job picking interesting topics and then analyzing them in insightful ways. It’s amazing how much about film we don’t think about; what makes good movies, what makes bad movies, and what the difference is. Tony talks about his analysis, over top of clips from those very movies, in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way, making his videos accessible to even those who know nothing about film or even hasn’t seen any of the films featured in the video.

The video above, one of Every Frame A Painting’s most recent videos, is an unusual video for the channel. It doesn’t feature a director or movie, rather, it talks about one of the most foundational and yet invisible parts of filmmaking: editing. More specifically, how an editor thinks and feels. What makes good editing, and how you know, for instance, when to cut to convey the right emotion. The video talks about that in a very interesting way, explaining what goes on in the minds of editors for movies of all types.

Whether a video like the one above, literally going into the minds of filmmakers, or just talking about an aspect of some of the most popular films, Every Frame A Painting is a great way to learn more about what goes on behind your favorite movies. Good film practices, interesting techniques, talented directors and actors; all that is talked about in the insightful and fascinating videos that Every Frame A Painting creates.

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