Featured Vid #387 – 2016 Olympics: What Rio Doesn’t Want The World To See

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The 2016 Olympics, planned to be held in Rio De Janeiro, is rapidly coming upon us. August 5th is the scheduled start date, only a month and 6 days away. And yet, despite time slipping away, Rio is still far from being ready to hold the Olympics. Stadiums are yet to be finished, the Zika virus is still a major concern; everything is general disarray. And to add on to that, Rio has a larger problem that most likely won’t be going away anytime soon, definitely not in time for the Olympics.

Explained in the video above, Rio has been essentially hiding and neglecting the poorer regions of the city from the eyes of the richer citizens and throngs of tourists. Yes, literally hiding. Vox opens your eyes to a whole new side of Rio in the video above, even going to Rio themselves and interviewing some of the poor people who are being affected by this “hiding” strategy¬†and the hosting of the upcoming Olympics.

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