Featured Vid #410: The Animal That Wouldn’t Die

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As far as we know, immortality is impossible. Humans, along with (most) every other animal on Earth, dies within 100 years of their birth. Some have a lifespan of two weeks, some 90 years. While it varies from country to country, the average lifespan for humans is currently around 71 years. But one thing we can say for sure is that, no matter how long it takes, every living creature dies. Right?

Well, maybe not. A while back, a small plant, later named the Hydra, was discovered. The video above, a fantastic educational video-essay about the Hydra, was made by Skunk Bear, and tells the story of how the Hydra was discovered and how scientists found out that it is much more unique than it might seem. Both informative and entertaining, the video above shows just how interesting and odd life on Earth can be, using the Hydra as a prime example.

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