Featured Vid #459 – No Cloning

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The idea of cloning has made its way into popular culture over the last couple centuries, living animals even being successfully cloned such as Dolly the sheep in 2003. The cloning I speak of when I talk about Dolly the sheep and other cloned animals is biological cloning, which of course is possible and has been done. But the video above is addressing another kind of cloning altogether: cloning in the field of physics.

The video is made by MinutePhysics, and it explains why cloning in physics, unlike biological cloning, is not possible. Not that we haven’t done it yet, not that we don’t have the technology, but that it is simply not possible due to quantum mechanics and how a cloning machine would need to work. It’s a fascinating video, and even though it goes into some relatively complex quantum mechanics, Henry Reich, the creator behind MinutePhysics, explains it in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way.





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